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Surveillance cameras for home and business.






Secure-View specializes in complete camera systems, from a simple 4 channel DVR for your home to a complete solution for your warehouse, and everything in between. We service Wayne county Michigan and surrounding areas.




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We use only top quality equipment, high resolution cameras with steel housings, professional grade Linux-based DVR’s that feature 30 frames per second, per camera, and low-loss RG58 video cable. We install using construction-grade techniques and ensure connectors are kept in weather-proof boxes to ensure many years of trouble free service.

When you invest in a system with Secure-View CCTV, you are dealing directly with myself, the owner, Billy D. Reed, who has a lifetime of electronics installation/engineering experience. I have many years of experience designing and engineering electronics. There is a big advantage dealing with a small, family owned business, the most important one is service. The big companies take days, even weeks to service their customers, and the process can be slow and cumbersome. With secure-view, we pride ourselves on FAST service.

When you need your CCTV system to work, it will.”